Dry Process

Destroyed Detail

Intentionally created holes in the denim in various locations to give a worn look.


The scraping or rubbing of the surface of the denim giving it a worn or faded look, usually done using pumice stones.

Destroyed & Repair

Denim that has gone through the process of being destroyed and then being sewn over to give a unique look.


Unlike abrasion, which focuses primarily on the surfaces of the fabric, grinding works to age the seams, loops, hems, pockets and waistband


A fabric finishing process done by hand with sandpaper. Fabrics are sanded to make the fabric surface soft and to remove color


Effect used to get contrast. Garments is folded on the required area and tacked through folds. The inner part of the fold is dark in shade due to less exposure to abrasion.

Cocoon Whiskering

Handcrafted on a body from to create more authentic-looking whiskering


A foil application is dispersed throughout for a metallic sheen.

Wet Process


After all dry process is applied, the jeans are washed to dilute the intensity of the indigo and create a specific shade, tint, and cast.

Flat Finish

A mercerization ( industrial process used on yarn or fabric to increase its lustre and dye affinity) plus calendering (finishing process where fabrics is passed under rollers at high temperature and pressure) done at the mill to help stabilized shrinkage.

Fabric piece Dye

Dyeing over fabric at mill stage to change fabric color


Dyeing over finished jeans at garments stage to add another tone of color


A method for creating special treatments and effects in denim wash. The finished product can feel as if the fabric has been waxed. If black in color, the jeans shine like leather.

Ozone Wash

A technique used for cleaning as an alternate to bleach resulting in less washing time an water consumption.

Stone Washing

A process that physically removes color and adds contrast. The fabric is washed with pumice stones for a set period of time. The washing time dictates the final color of the fabric, the longer the denim and stones are rotated, the lighter the color becomes and more contrast is achieved. The denim is then rinsed, softened and tumble dried.